Introducing the Marketplace

Professional traders can sell their signals and strategies on the marketplace.

We are very proud to announce that you can now benefit not only from additional features but also from other Cryptohopper traders.

How you ask?

By making use of our new advanced functionalities and by getting rewarded for sharing your trading knowledge.

In our most recent update, we’ve upped the ante by adding over 120+ indicators and candle patterns. For our more experienced traders this is a long overdue improvement, while novice traders may feel slightly overwhelmed by this new-found complexity.

To overcome this growing knowledge gap, we have prepared two things: We will be releasing more educational content for our user base in the next months. And, we now offer the Marketplace, where all users regardless of experience level can buy templates and strategies.

What exactly is the difference between a strategy and a template?

A strategy is purely the technical analysis guiding your hopper. Previously, you could only personalize your settings and automate technical analysis with a handful of indicators.

With the latest inclusion of over 100 new candle patterns and indicators, far higher levels of strategy customization are possible. This creates more room for versatile hoppers, capable of responding accurately to market scenarios.

Alternatively, a template is the collection of settings unrelated to technical analysis (such as selected coins, buy amounts etc.) that your hopper will follow to make trades.

Ultimately, the trading of your hopper is guided by a strategy and a template combined, though setting up a strategy is not strictly required.

The Marketplace

As of yesterday, there are now three types of Marketplace items you can get access to.

The first type of item are “Signals”, which have been an important part of Cryptohopper for some time now. You can read up on how signals work in our documentation. In simple terms, they are experts in technical analysis that send buy and sell signals to your bot.

Our new items are strategies and templates. The strategy marketplace will allow you to buy the technical analysis settings of a certified seller and subscribe to any updates for a whole month. The template marketplace will allow you to buy basic settings so you can get set up in no time.

To create a transparent and fair marketplace, we have implemented a rating system. Users can comment, rate, discuss and even report marketplace items to which they are subscribed. Additionally, anyone who wants to become a seller can apply. Our staff will handpick the best applicants. We are however open to all applications, so don’t be shy!

Choosing the right Marketplace item

When buying an item, you’ll be able to see the ratings and comments from other subscribers. If there are no reviews yet, be sure to check out the other marketplace items of the seller to get better idea of his/her reputation.

Once you have purchased and subscribed to a template, it will automatically show up in “my Templates” section. The same is true for purchased strategies, which can be found in the “Strategies” tab. The final step is then to assign them item to your hopper.

Depending on the preference of the seller, for strategies you may or may not have complete transparency of the settings.

Template or Strategy Auto-Updating

While one strategy or template may work fine in one market scenario, it may fail when the markets and coins take a different course. Often this happens within one day. That’s why, when you buy a template or strategy, you will be able to toggle auto-updating from the moderator for a full month. This means all adjustments that the seller makes will be transferred to yours in real time. This will in effect allow you to completely let go of the responsibility of controlling your hopper’s decisions.

After the month is complete, you will be left with the final version of the strategy or template. If after that point you want to continue having a real time updated version of the hopper, you must continue your subscription.

How will this affect the signaling service?

The template marketplace could drastically improve the services of signalers looking to take more of an active approach with managing the effectiveness of their signals on the Cryptohopper platform.

While in the past signals were as simple as buying or selling, now a signaler may create a template which works together with his signaling service. A template corresponding to a signal service will allow users to trade using exactly the coins that the signaler is signaling for.

Next, it will allow the signaler to apply things like trailing stop-loss’ or even profit percentages. At the same time, signalers can make templates which set certain profit percentages that they believe are best for their signals. That way, the signal services will be much more customizable.

If you have any questions regarding the Marketplace, check out our documentation. We have made a guide for both users and sellers!

Of course, our support staff is more than happy to assist you if anything is unclear. We hope you will have a great time make use of this new feature,

Happy Hopping,

Your Cryptohopper Team

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Cryptohopper The Automated Crypto Trading Platform. Take your trading to the next level!

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Cryptohopper The Automated Crypto Trading Platform. Take your trading to the next level!

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